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Trivore Identity Service

onePortal™ Appliance is an application used with a graphical web browser such as Firefox, Chrome/Chromium, Edge, or Safari. More precisely, it is a portal for one or more web applications used and accessed via onePortal™ front-end. onePortal™ handles access control, authentication, authorisation, credentials, and gives each application coherent and modern feel and logic while at the same time is easy to use.

Software Development and Integrations

We build secure formally certifiable solutions to customer exact need. The need might be for a small tool or large and complex integration. If you do not yet know exactly how to get to the goal, we can help with designing and architecting the solution. Some companies in our network specialise in user interface – yes, some call it user experience, and related graphics design. We work seamlessly with our partners in such extended teams.

Trivore Device Entitlement Service

Device Entitlement Service, DES, is the premier platform for managing GSMA TS.43, RCC.14, and RCC.07, and Apple iOS devices. DES is utilized by MNOs and MVNOs only. Both DES, and our IoT DM platform share the same Trivore onePortal™ technology.

Trivore is the creator of IDaaS, Cloud Database, and Cloud File framework onePortal.

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We have developed three very different business solutions on top of onePortal to show its versatility:

  1. CE IVD marked medical device for blood test diagnostics
  2. Device Entitlement Service DES for mobile operators
  3. GPDR-compliant MyData management platform

Trivore Device Entitlement Service

Trivore offers a flexible entitlement management product that handles device entitlements for both the iOS and Android platforms — Device Entitlement Service (DES).

Trivore DES handles two main functions:
• Authentication of the subscriber and device
• Service configuration

With Trivore DES, iOS device management is simplified and made compliant with iOS entitlement server requirements. For the Android mobile platform, Trivore DES offers a service configuration function similar to the one used for RCS-compliant devices.

Trivore Oy - Trivore DES Overview