Information systems integration has been our core business since early 1990s when we delivered our first solution to health care. Times and technologies have changed, but the basic challenge has mostly remained. We architect, develop, and of course support integrations between any kind of information systems. Currently our best experience is working with health care (HL7 and others), ERPs (SAP, Dynamics365, and some others), and mobile operator back-ends.

The main toolsets we use today for integrations are Apache ServiceMix, and Spring Boot micro-services. ServiceMix is very high quality, widely used, offers good support for 100+ sources and destinations, and having free license makes it cost efficient. Spring Boot integratons have different life-cycle and their requirements are often different from ServiceMix use cases. In addition, some integrations are still developed as point solutions.

Software Development

We build secure formally certifiable solutions to customer exact need. The need might be for a small tool or large and complex integration. If you do not yet know exactly how to get to the goal, we can help with designing and architecting the solution. Some companies in our network specialise in user interface – yes, some call it user experience, and related graphics design. We work seamlessly with our partners in such extended teams.

Do you need a solution for health care, automation industry, or IoT in general? We have built healthcare solutions since 1991, and IoT software since it was called M2M.
When there are formal requirements for certifications and approvals, we are ready for that. This is most common with our health care customers, but increasingly public sector and telecoms industry in general have demands for higher quality with their partners.

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