Professional Services

Professional Services are part of what we are, and they are either a small, or larger part of almost everything we deliver. It might consist of some detailed consulting, but it might also extend to longer term engagement.

Professional Services augment our software services. Some customers want to purchase our software as a managed service. That is perfectly fine for us.
Some times the service management is shared.

We work as a backup for the customer primary personnel.

IT Infrastructure Services

Our professional services team also produces some base infrastructure services. This includes for example name services, strategic email, SMS, web, load-balancer, container, and service gateway hosting.

These infrastructure services are some corner stone elements when delivering business critical, and globally scale-able services. This is why we consider it is important we also maintain experience in the key nuts and bolts how things work.

We also believe in the age old truth, you can not buy well something you do not understand.

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