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In development since late 2005, our fully in-house developed mySync DM is a full-blown enterprise mobility management, or EMM platform. The premier supported mobile OS platforms are currently Google Android and Apple iOS. Additionally support is provided for Windows 10, Zebra Link-OS, and SailfishOS.

We still support many of the legacy platform on special request, down to Symbian, Nokia Series40, and Windows Phone 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Mobile, and some others. In addition we support SailfishOS on request.

Our philosophy in mobile platform support has always been, “if the mobile OS supports it, then we support it, too”. This has proven to be a wise promise to our customers. Actually, we go even one step further by co-operating with our customers actively and agile developing new functionality for customer need. New features are then gradually added for the benefit of all customers.

In addition to fully supporting Google’s Android Enterprise (previously known as Android for Work), Apple MDM (with iOS and MacOS support), we also have very extensive Samsung KNOX and SEAP API, and Zebra MDM support. As Android and iOS cover some 99 % of new mobile device management deployments, it is there where we put most of our effort. SailfishOS and Windows 10 are technically interesting small contenders in this space.

EMM / MDM platforms are used in many ways. Our mobile operator customers have traditionally used mySync DM to collect 100+ items of diagnostic data from subscriber devices to enhance customer care support processes. Another common use case has been assisting subscribers in moving from mobile platform to another utilising contacts and calendar backup/restore functionality of mySync DM. mySync DM also supports backup of text messages and practically any data files like photos etc. Photos are also restored to the other device(s) of same user.

Enterprise customers have always used mySync DM much more extensively. Modern operator customers are following this suite. Important use cases for enterprises are device security, configuration management, application management, mobile data management, device location tracking, integrating to corporate back-end systems, and many more. In practise, only two things are common for all organisations: email account management, and security configuration. Rest of the features vary between organisations.

There are two use cases where operators have shown interest lately: detecting rogue base stations and monitoring/analysing mobile network performance from device perspective. Both of these are optional features for mySync DM.

We do not sell mySync DM directly to end-customers. We work through resellers. We have both service integrators and mobile operators as our resellers. Please contact our sales if you got interested in acquiring mySync DM.

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