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Service products

Enclosed list includes our services. As a part of our services is always also personal service.

  • Perfect virtual datacenter (with VMware vCloud technology) flexible with or without your own servers 
  • Expertise services (servicedesk, auditation, implementation) 
  • mobiledevices management system and business mobilization 
  • network devices and services control service 24/7 with alarms 
  • domains registration and administration for  protecting IPR; name server is a foundation of being in internet 
  • distant back up service for back upping and archiving/filing one server or the whole company 
  • data back up and archiving/filing service in our own building 
  • email and communication service (Zimbra) 
  • www-sites with data bases and corresponding  basic needs (mm. WordPress, Moodle and many others) 
  • software planning and implementation (Java, Python, C, C++, C#,Qt, objective C, Node.js,  PHP and all modern mobile platforms)

Our virtual datacenter is the best available in Finland and the best service produced in Finland. It has been implemented with VMware´s vCloud virtualization softwares and Trivore´s know-how.

We are agnostics and don´t force client to have any specific technical solution. Implementations always depend on primarily client´s business needs. We are familiar also with other virtualization products.

Trivore vCloud server or a whole virtualized datacenter

Trivore offers for it´s clients also supersafe virtualic datacenters. They are produced with VMwarevSphere/vCloud technics in our partner´s datacenters in Finland. The highest possible usability is achieved by locating datacenters at least in two places! Datacenter brings along always also the net, the firewall and the best possible service.
The administrador´s login of own datacenter is naturally always available when needed by our customers. We provide in our country unique possibility to get to own virtual datacenter a fiber-based internet connection simultaneously from various operators nationwide! Provided the need of capacity is in the beginning of the use small, there is a possibility to start with individual VMware virtual servers intended for business use. 

Pricelist (Finnish)