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From Texas to Trivore – the internship taught Gisselle about Finnish language and work culture

Gisselle Lehtinen moved to Finland in January 2020 after graduating from the University of Houston with a BBA in Management Information Systems. At the moment Gisselle is learning Finnish in Adult Education Centre Turku, and her goal is to work in the IT industry in Finland. For her studies, Gisselle did an internship at Trivore, and tells about her experiences in this blog article.

What’s in your eWallet?

One of the many features of the Trivore Identity Service, Trivore ID, that we are proud of is its digital wallet capability which allows an individual to make electronic transactions.

Trivore supporting public transportation

Trivore and our very own Kari Mattsson were recently featured in Suomidigi, a website supporting and looking at the state of the digitalization of the Finnish public sector.

Trivore Identity Service Client SDKs released

The SDKs let developers increase their productivity and get the most of of the comprehensive Trivore Identity Service APIs to create beautiful identity-driven applications.

OpenID Connect™ Certification for Trivore Identity Service

The OpenID Connect certification is a big step for Trivore and our customers. With this certification, the users of  Trivore Identity Service can easily leverage the industry-leading standard Identity Provider in their applications. This makes development faster, applications safer, and provides a great deal of ease-of-use for end-users.