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Trivore Corp.

Trivore Corp. is a ICT professional. We operate mostly in concealment of endusers. We plan, make competitive biddings, do, audit, document, support and in many other ways we ensure that our clients´ business and services get going.

In addition to pure tecnical activities we are able to make everything out of tecnique so that business will be more effective and profitable. In many cases this means changes in company policies, which we are supporting.
Trivore´s own tecnical know-how is wide including virtualization, back up systems, storage systems, programming such as Linuxes, Windows and mobile systems. Of course we don´t master all possible products of all producers. You will get good idea of our activities by looking at the list of our partners. We collaborate with some key parties, with whom we implement projects that we don´t have ourselves the necessary know-how.  Networking is natural for us.