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What’s in your eWallet?

By Kari Mattson

Digital wallets at your service

One of the many features of the Trivore Identity Service, Trivore ID, that we are proud of is its digital wallet capability which allows an individual to make electronic transactions. The wallets can be prepaid (i.e. money is deposited in the digital wallet prior to any transactions) or they can be linked to a user’s bank account or payment card. 

Multiple wallets for many purposes

Trivore ID enables each user account to have multiple secure personal wallets that can be used for digital transactions. The built-in anonymization features of the system allow the wallets to be connected with a strong identity while still allowing anonymous purchases. This combines transaction security with consumer privacy, a goal which is typically very difficult to achieve. 

Trivore ID also supports another rare use case: anonymous users and identities may also have wallets. This enables bearer-based usage patterns, which typically have low-value transactions. Higher monetary values easily triggerAML and KYC requirements, which we also support, but that is another blog post.

A single user account can have an unlimited number of wallets indifferent currencies for different purposes. Value may be moved between wallets and identities. This provides a great deal of flexibility and enables numerous use cases. 

Wallets have the same level of high security as bank accounts but are otherwise deliberately much simpler and have fewer features for ease of use and convenience.

We speak corporatese…

Trivore ID also supports corporate user accounts which may have wallets. The use cases of this are countless, but an easy example would be a corporation paying  in a very cost-effective manner for (either fully or partially) an employee’s public transportation fares while commuting. Since the wallets are always tied to a strong identity, it is easy to control what and by whom the corporate wallets can be used for. This makes life easier for the employee and the company alike and helps reduce back-office work considerably. For the service provider, this capability enables new value-added services and creates additional business opportunities.

Business rules engine support

Trivore ID supports the attachment of a line-of-business business rule engine for the wallets. As Trivore ID is purposely agnostic to the business processes, this allows for huge innovations. For instance, a corporate commuting wallet can be restricted so that it can only be used from 6 am to 6pm on weekdays. Or the wallets could only be used on certain routes.

Learn more about Trivore ID

Digital wallets are just one example of the added value of Trivore ID, which helps customers integrate identity and access management into their applications and accelerates solution development significantly.

Unlike most IDaaS platforms, Trivore ID is built from the ground up to be easily integrated with demanding business applications and can act as the backbone of critical business workflows.