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We are ICT infrastructure specialists. We work most of the time hidden from end-users, behind the scenes. We design, deploy, audit, document, support, help with bidding, and help to keep the wheels rolling of IT.

Our way to work is entrepeneurial for each employee, which makes us very customer oriented.

In many projects we do not work alone, but network with the best possible partners. This ensures the service and product delivered is always the best possible. Working in a network is a natural way to work for us.

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Customer care

In addition to normal working hours, we offer 24/7 service desk for our most valued customers with direct contacts.

Contacting us is easiest either via email (contacts below), by phone, or open an issue here.

Our strategy  

Trivore Corp. is ICT service provider of challenging and complex projects and continuous services. Software development is part of the services we provide.

Our delivery method for continuous services and projects is smart, agile, and cost-effective. We listen to our customers, and design together the best solution for each case. This solution is not always the most common standard solution on the market. We dare to act different when needed.

Being trusted partner of our customers is important to us. We think we have succeeded quite well. Some of our longest customer relations have lasted for quarter of a century. Our organic growth comes in big part from long partnerships and satisfied customers.

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