About us

At Trivore we focus on two complementary IT segments to fully serve our customers: software development and infrastructure consulting. Our customers are exclusively enterprises. Our work is most of the time hidden from end-users, behind the scenes. We design, architect, develop, deploy, integrate, audit, secure, document, support, and help to keep the wheels rolling on IT. We like to keep ourselves busy!

Continuous services are at the core of our business. Most often it means supporting and maintaining our own developed software and services. As we are one of the several partners of any one of our customers, we work naturally within networks.

Like all companies, we do not always do everything ourselves. Instead we network with the best possible like-minded partners. This ensures the service and product delivered is always the best possible.

Software development complements the professional services in many ways. Both add value to each other by adding important understanding to the other. For software development, we like to focus on the more challenging products and markets: secure certifiable systems for health care, telecom, smart infrastructure, and automation. We have over a decade experience on all of those and over 25 years on health care software.

Trivore and our processes are ISO 9001:2015 compliant. In addition, we have full readiness for ISO 13485:2016, shall our health care customers formally need it in any project. Our customers can opt-in to the “ISO-standards way” for their projects and services, but as not all customers or projects need to go all-in with the formalities, we offer it as an option.

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